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Every four years the Super Bowl of politics is played at the presidential nominating conventions…

Let us help you maximize your Convention opportunity.

There’s no stage quite like a national convention for showcasing a city, state, its people, leaders, and critical local and national issues. To make a real impact, you need a seasoned political team with proven convention expertise – people who understand the dynamics of players and issues, the intricacies of preparation and how conventions unfold, and who bring connections and credibility to your cause.

Enter Conventions2024: a group of convention-savvy, seasoned operatives with the experience in planning and execution, creating persuasive messaging, and profound insights into key players and decision-makers. With us on your team, you can take maximum advantage of your convention opportunity.

– Scott Cottington,  Renee Dabbs, and Darrell Henry

Now is the time to take full advantage of what Conventions2024 has to offer…