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Ayushi Mehta

Ayushi Mehta is a skilled professional who brings a wealth of expertise to the realm of event management, particularly in the realm of politics. With a degree in political science and an MBA in management from Texas A&M International University, Ayushi combines her love for politics with smart planning.

Ayushi Mehta quickly became an expert in running important events like conferences, webinars, and meetings. She’s great at paying attention to all the small details that make events successful. With her background in planning and working with non-profit groups, Ayushi ensures that everything runs smoothly so that events make a big impact. 

Ayushi’s ability to navigate the intricate landscape of political event management sets her apart. Her commitment to cultivating impactful policy conversations fuels her role and amplifies her contributions to any team. With her skillful management of major political events, Ayushi ensures every detail is covered for a seamless experience.